Our mission is an unconditional commitment to transforming the lives of children, individuals, couples, and families by exploring the depths inner most struggles through connection to the heart. WholeHearted Therapy LLC believes when we really listen to our hearts and open ourselves to the power of compassion, we tap into a mysterious power which helps us heal in order to live a flourishing and abundant life.



Collaborating together where uniqueness, authenticity, creativity, and resourcefulness fuse to allow ourselves to heal at deeper, and deeper levels by opening our hearts to the experiences that give our lives profound meaning.


“I really felt I could just be myself, and wasn’t afraid of being judged” - Greg *

“My son really struggled with transitions, and I was surprised to see him take a deep breath and calm himself down before we left the house” - Holly *

"Facing my fears was very difficult, but having support and compassion helped me start” - Eugene *

*Names changed to protect confidentiality



Find out more about Weston, his journey becoming a WholeHearted therapist, and his dedication to healing hearts and minds through the gift of therapy.

Counseling Services

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