Adult Individual Counseling

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth”

- Pema Chodron

Many people are embarrassed to admit they need therapy, as people who do are often viewed as weak or “defective”; however, often times our lives have become unmanageable and we lack the knowledge, awareness, and skills necessary to overcome personal challenges and get our life back on track.

This can be a burdensome and dark place to be, and even more difficult to escape from.

But there is help and hope, and it starts right here!


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Issues I Can Help You With:

* Stress (work, home, school) * Social isolation

* Anxiety (general & social)    * Depression   

* Grief, loss, bereavement      * Lifestyle/Transitions

* Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

* Self-sabotage/self-defeating behaviors

* Lack of motivation, meaning, and purpose

* Addiction or coping with an addicted family member

* Major Life Transitions (becoming a parent, significant relational loss, getting married, having child leave home, serious illness, career change, mid-life crisis)


What Can You Expect from Individual Therapy?

A therapeutic relationship is very special and unique. While there are so many people, places, and things in your life which demand your attention, time, energy, and resources; therapy is a space just for you.

I am fully present and engaged with you, addressing whatever arises in the moment. With my background in mindfulness, we’ll use various techniques to expand your awareness of thoughts and learn skills to manage distressing emotions, which will help you build inner resilience and self-confidence.

Often times we know the changes we want to make, yet something inexpiable is holding is back, or worse, we continually sabotage our successes. In therapy we’ll explore underlying ambivalence – the coexistence of both positive and negative feelings pulling us in opposite directions – to instill hope and encourage motivation for change.

It is my responsibility as your therapist to challenge you; to gently nudge you to the edge of your comfort zone for this is where transformation and growth occurs. However, you will not be alone in this journey, as I will always be right there providing you with encouragement and support when things become challenging, painful, or scary.



Benefits of Individual Counseling

While many problems don’t magically disappear overnight, many of my clients’ report greater self-confidence and skills managing difficult situations, increased resilience to stress, strengthened self-esteem and self-worth, and having a more positive outlook on their life.

Clients report having a greater understanding about the impact of past life experiences and self-defeating behaviors which limit their ability to live an authentic and enriching life. Clients also express having greater self-control over their thoughts and emotions, and belief in oneself to cope with challenging situations as they arise in the present moment.

Sliding scale fees are available, limited, and based on affordability

I offer 50-minute Individual Counseling sessions.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding individualized psychotherapy, please Contact Weston for more information. I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation for anyone interested in starting individual counseling.